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Tradititons Hammer Extension Spur. COLT SINGLE ACTION ARMY HAMMER CAM, STANDARD SIZE, 1ST GENERATION, High Quality Replacement Part Man Galco Combat Master 5" 1911 RH Tan. That is an absolutely useless feature for my use, so I replaced the pin with a Colt SAA pin. Take your Colt to a competent gunsmith and have it done right. They seem high quality and are very nice. 22 were introduced in 1970 to replace the earlier Frontier Scout . 00 SAA BASE PIN AFT Image EXC 2 15. This critical spring latches the cylinder pin in place and is often weak or too light. If they won't I can recommend Cylinder & Slide Shop and Frank Glenn. Put the gun on half cock -- the hammer should be back just a tiny bit. 36 likes. Classic Single Action is owned and operated by Joe Perkins in Tucson, Arizona. With the hammer cocked or not, whether the trigger was pulled or not, it was tight, no wiggle at all. It is often referred to as the "Frontier" or the "Double Action Army" revolver. . 357 Magnum Trooper, were being replaced by Gaston Glock’s polymer wonder in police departments around the country. Not used on the EMF Hartford . (Don't know about the laws in the granola state) You can call Colt at 1 800 962-COLT for information. This revolver features a polished spur hammer, black composite eagle stocks, and 2nd generation-style cylinder bushing. S. They are a little heavy compared to the others you mentioned, and said replica of the Colt, and I'm assuming that you want the same feel of the action, and style hammer, so I will vote for the Uberti. It appears to have been found in semi-relic condition and was heavily cleaned many years ago. The only problem you might run into is where it fits into the hand. is reattached with factory screw. All matching serial numbers. Accuracy Unlimited, Inc. This revolver features a polished spur hammer, black composi Sep 21, 2015 · The loading gate was redesigned and resembles that of the Colt 1873 Single Action Army; The firing pin is hammer mounted and protrudes through the frame; The 1858 Remington’s firing pin was internal to the frame. F. , Peacemaker; these are all names given to this gun and it is one of the most well known guns in the world, thanks in no small part to Hollywood's love for it. Colt SAA "U. / dba Glenn Custom Glenn Custom is owned and operated by Frank Glenn and has been in operation since 1973. When using real black powder, the smaller bullet would expand with the explosive force of the charge and fill the bore. History of Colt. Dec 14, 2016 · True West’s Best of the West 2017: Firearms A Fistful of Thunder December 14, 2016 Phil Spangenberger Although these 1880s Texas Rangers are well outfitted with 1873 Winchesters and ’73 Colts, the man at left has decided to also pack a small ’77 DA Colt as backup, quite possibly in . It is an original for the first generation. The pin could wiggle a short distance in & out of the hole in the hammer. 32-20 thru . There are some other Ruger parts that will fit. The backstrap ears and the hammer have been matched perfectly, just like Colt used to do it years ago. Firing And Sight Adjustment. 11. Mar 06, 2018 · Unfortunately the hammer spring was the victim of a shade-tree gunsmith. 00 per hammer/trigger job for return UPS. Stop using a hammer and punch to remove and tighten the firing pin collars on your Stoeger shotgun. Ainsworth was the ordnance sub-inspector at the Colt factory for the first 13 months (Oct. May 08, 2018 · The Cattleman is right out of 1873 Single-Action Army history with a case-colored receiver, blued barrel and cylinder with walnut grips — in . Ever short-stroked the hammer and had to go all the way around to find the live round? Click, click, click, click. Nov 30, 2016 · Umarex SAA disassembly and hammer spring issue - Duration: 8:32. CUSTOM MADE COLT SINGLE ACTION ARMY REPAIR GRINDER for restoration of frames that have been cracked, filed down, or blown completely out. Each of them had the exact same cylinder play on the rotational axis as my SAA. Again, this gun was tight and the action smooth and crisp. 45 Long Colt / . The original 7-1/2″ barrel martial version is called the “Cavalry Model” by collectors. Sep 25, 2013 · This old Colt SAA 45 That is the leading cause of broken notches and ruining hammers which are not cheap to weld up and repair. 45 ACP Cylinder Action Type: Single Action Revolver with Side Loading-Gate Cylinder Markings: The left side of the barrel is marked “Colt Single Action Army 45 ACP”. repair colt SAA hammer I bought a couple of 1st Gen. Our Sale Price: $3. If the gun was made after the mid-1950's, Colt will probably still repair it and that's the best option. The Colt Single Action Army revolver, the Peacemaker, was originally introduced in 1873--no more sculptural and practical Colt has ever been created. Mfg. TheColtSingleActionArmy(SAA)revolver, likethe1873original,is builttheColtway. The hole (right arrow) goes all the way through the hammer, and is of larger diameter up front, where the firing pin (left arrow) is. The trigger could be broken as well and notching the hammer will adversely affect how the gun is meant to function. " Marked Colt Single Action Army Revolver that is Ainsworth-inspected and was part of Lot Number Five that shipped to the United States government in 1874. Base Pin Springs. It has the look of real old antique Colt. I think there is enough of it left for the duplicator to map. 44 and fitted a new hammer. Appear to be hand made replacement. The Uberti Cattleman II with retractable firing pin is a breakthrough for those seeking enhanced safety with regard to original Old West revolvers without sacrificing the visual authenticity of a 1st-generation Colt. The original was beyond repair. We offer customization and repair on the following hand guns: 1911 Colt , 1911 Ruger 22 Autos, Colt Double Action Revolvers, Colt Single Action Army Revolvers, 1911 Hammer Struts, 1911 Trigger Pull Kits, Browning Hi Power hammers,  Gun repair was done at home. The box does show some age which is to  Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Colt Peacemaker Revolver the hammer strikes all the way it releases a puff of co2 to expel the bb. Later, the development of the swing-out cylinder again saw Colt as a leading supplier of government contracts. The legendary Single-action Army, the most popular Colt ever, was developed after Samuel’s death. Jul 21, 2019 · Most any SAA handspring will work. Before firing your Colt Single Action revolver, practice your stance, aim, rhythm and breathing for steady aim with your revolver UNLOADED. 00 The Uberti Cattleman II with retractable firing pin is a breakthrough for those seeking enhanced safety with regard to original Old West revolvers without sacrificing the visual authenticity of a 1st-generation Colt. Inventor of the Patented Single Action Cylinder Pin Ejector Hard to believe it took 145 years for the idea of using the guns own hammer to do the work to dislodge a pesky jammed cylinder pin. Sep 21, 2015 · It was a failure of the 1871-1872 Colt Open top revolver in qualifying for the U. A compressed source of gas, a valve, a hammer, and a barrel. 41 Long Colt and sports a 6-inch barrel. Frame and hammer color casehardened. Double your traffic. He can handle getting a broken hammer repaired. The old style main spring has no hammer roller channel, which is typical of early production Single Action Army revolvers. From the AR platform to the 1911 and more, find the best Colt replacement or upgrade part for your firearm. 45 ACP. A Nice MGC SAA Model, Fitted with a custom made STEEL hammer ! 7mm PFC cap firing, side venting and Full metal. to properly fit cylinder stop, alter length of hand, trigger to hammer sear engagement and trigger pull adjusted to customers specification. The fixed gas chamber, and built in magazine, make the SAA a reliable gun. Making an old gun function properly with correct parts can be done without huge expense and will not impact the collector value of the gun. Ainsworth. If you're getting off-center primer hits, it's time for repair. We bring you the classic firearms that made cowboys, lawmen, and outlaws famous – but with a modern twist. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. Bring the hammer to full cock and ease it down on the empty chamber. SAA revolver in . Sambar Stag grips for Colt SAA. 8. U. I need help from the Colt SAA Afficianados. CASE01 Large pistol case, foam lined, suitable for most air pistols. Colt 1873 SAA 1st Gen. Get Vendio Gallery- Now FREE! | | VINTAGE COLT SINGLE ACTION ARMY SAA REVOLVER HAND MADE GRIPS, Very old walnut wood pistol grips are in the style of the Colt SAA revolver. RESTORATION & REFINISHING. This thing is really smooooth. Colt New Frontier and Peacemaker . Insert pellets into the loading shells. After the forging, a thin middle remains in the window, but it is removed with a cutter that also trues the window to spec. Brownells is your source for Colt Single Action Army Parts at Brownells. Colt Mfg Single Action Army Peacemaker Single 357 Magnum 5. The Bisley model was introduced in the 1890’s, and featured a redesigned grip & hammer. 22 and New Frontier . 45 caliber serial number S86567A. The revolver has a checkered back strap that appears to be Colt factory work and could be explained by the repair or refinishing mark ("&") visible on right forward trigger guard. When cocking back the hammer of this pellet pistol, you will hear three clicks as cylinder rotates and trigger resets. Umarex Legends Cowboy Rifle and Umarex SAA . FFL licensed Denix colt Navy 1861 (duh. All our firearms are made using precision machinery and high-quality materials with one goal in mind – to create faithful reproductions of Civil War, Old West, hunting, and tactical guns from the 19th century. The only spring loaded firing pins that I'm aware of were installed on the Colt Cowboy which also had a transfer bar mechanism very similar to Ruger single actions. Tune up Colt SAA. Find Colt Single Action Army revolver parts and schematics today with Numrich Gun Parts. The top leg provides hammer power, while the bottom leg bears against the rebound lever to afford trigger return tension. 10. A re-weld will work if done correctly, so will a replacement hammer. Colt Gun Parts,Bob's Gun Shop, Colt Magazines, Colt Gun Grips, Colt Firing Pins, Gun Parts for Many Obsolete Colt Models. Hartford, CT. Est 1957. Army’s demand for a robust revolver that led Colt to design a completely new revolver that became the ‘standard’ from which other single-action revolvers are measured – the 1873 Colt Single Action Army. I would say over priced for what it is. A top quality handmade mainspring for an ORIGINAL Navy Colt revolver. Bob James did the work. Mag Tactics 2,030 views. 45 Colt cal. 38 & . Heavier hammer or hammer spring the same. He is an expert on them and his work has NO EQUAL. The cam itself can be pressed out and a new one pressed in on a Colt SAA but on all the Italian clones they are a cast boss on the hammer and the whole hammer will need to be replaced. Best I can tell when the "repair" was made they tried to beat the stock back on and destroyed it. Colt single action restoration and repair He does some of the best SAA restorations around. government service revolver trials of 1872 by Colt's Patent Firearms Manufacturing Company – today's Colt's Manufacturing Company – and was adopted as the standard military service revolver until 1892. 5-inch barrel. Jan 21, 2015 · Colt looked around and realized that its stalwarts in civil law enforcement, the 1911, the . Colt 1911 Umarex - Airgun spares. 38 Caliber Centerfire. This is one of the earliest Colt SAA revolvers we have ever restored. As any cowboy knows, the safest way to carry a single-action is with the hammer resting on an unloaded chamber. Second was a USFA. Welds are TIG and A2 tool steel is used. The safety works only when the hammer is uncocked. The original mainspring by was lightened so the impact of the hammer would put minimum stress on the soft frame. Balance of gun is polish blued. With the revolver being replaced by the automatic pistol by many law enforcement agencies and revolver sales falling, Colt discontinued all of the Mark III type versions and only produced a Trooper Mark V and a Lawman Mark V as standard production models. 20 years experience in repair, custom alteration, proper function and design in the Colt Single Action Army. Mar 17, 2016 · Here is a sleek Mortimer hammer double from the 1880s with an unusual safety. 45 Colt with an interchangeable cylinder for . A action timing and trigger pull, complete repair and mechanical restoration,  Pietta "Alchimista" Hammer Color Case Complete (1873 SA, Colt 1st & 2nd Gen, . Half cock notch may need to be re-tipped. Refit Hand: Colt revolvers utilize the hand to lock the cylinder at time of ignition; the hand pushes the cylinder against the bolt, locking it solidly in place. The half cock notch does not allow the cylinder to rotate -- since that was originally intended as the carry mode. Ref 1913 A factory colt spring and hand is a near perfect drop in fit. Fitting hammers, bolts, triggers and hands takes skill but it sounds like you already know to be careful with who does the work. He also did his standard action timing and tune. Shows generous use, and came from an old gunsmith's stash. I was posting to see if anyone has done or seen this repair done as I would like to try it but don't know where or how to start. Colt Single Action Army. Slightly different shape in spots, same finish. The hammer will now be down on an empty chamber and the colt will be safe to carry. Description: an original Colt SAA 1st gen hammer in very good condition, with good teeth and long knurling with the border line, and comes with a cone shaped firing pin. Typically, the hammer spring would fail and this would reduce the revolver to single-action fire only. You should now be able to push the hammer down into the frame and remove the hand (pawl) After purchasing the guns I purchased a set of screwdriver bits made specifically for the Colt SAA and clones #080-000-086, a Wolff reduced power bolt and trigger spring #969-322-900, and a Wolff reduced power hammer spring #969-322-800. It was made in 1888 and definately was used hard. Price database; Medals, Arms & Armor; Sold Fixing a Colt SAA hammer isn't quite that simple. 177 NICKEL PELLET AIR PISTOL REVOLVER An Authentic and Realistic Air Pistol No other revolver has captured the American imagination like the Colt Peacemaker. 00 SAA BASE PIN RETAINER ASSEMBLY NICKEL COLT NEW 0 10. Lanyard ring Custom grips and gripframe conversions- POR. Aug 29, 2011 · Old Colt Rebuild/Repair There is a huge difference between making an old gun function properly and a total reworking of the gun. 22 Long Rifle Colt 1877. Although they are conceptually similar, the Remington action is different in detail from a Colt. Custom made . one has done been ground for notch replacements. Generally any one of those may be altered to increase or decrease velocity. As a Colt recommended Service, Restoration & Refinishing Shop, we have seen them all. This is a one man shop, and the full restoration backlog is BACK OUT TO 20 Don't replace your original hammer Return your hammer to proper functionality Now offering notch repair on Single Action Colt hammers $125. The base pin had to be removed with a pair of pliers, as something was not machined properly. If you need repair or restoration on Colt Model 1877 Lightning's, or Colt Model 1878, 1889, and 1892 double actions, contact my brother Sal. A. Many military SAA’s were refurbished by Springfield Armory or Colt for reissue with a shorter 5-1/2″ barrel, and these are called “Artillery Models” today. The New Models used a different cylinder latch arrangement and replaced the hammer & trigger screws with 2 pins. Colt realized without military contracts, it needed to recapture the civil market. This revolver was quickly adopted by the army, furthering Colt’s long association with the United States Ordnance Department. 357 cylinder to . Bring the hammer back slowly. With tension removed from both the hammer and trigger, remove the bolt, trigger, and hammer retaining screws and carefully remove the trigger and cylinder locking bolt out through the bottom of the frame. With Colt’s method of forging the cylinder frame, a hammer drop creates the window in an orange hot billet. They are also related to the centerfire Colt Single Action Army and SAA New Frontier. THE COLT SINGLE ACTION ARMY 1ST GENERATION. A. 32 Colt, 2 1/4 barrel with a fine, bright bore that has some mild freckling within the grooves. 22 Revolvers New Frontier SAA & Buntline Paterson Colts Single Action Army & Bisley Revolvers (Pre-War) Mark V. 41 double action revolver Colt New Service revolver Colt 1877 Lightning revolver Colt D frame revolvers, Detective Special, Diamondback, Agent, Cobra, Police Positive, Viper Colt E & I frame revolvers, Python, Revolver Parts: Sub-Categories: Colt Walker: Colt 1851 Navy: Colt 1855 Root: Colt 1860 Army: Colt 1861 Navy: Colt 1862 Navy Pocket: Colt Single Action Army: Colt Factory Conversion of an 1851 Navy Converted to . Classic Single Action works on Colt, U. This was the premium version, having adjustable sights, Target hammer, Uberti/SAA . Revolvers after that have a base pin safety. The first method of retaining the base pin, the so- called “blackpowder-frame type,” used a screw in the front of the frame. Sorry no On Line ordering. Seems like he used to take customers worn hammer in part trade for a rebuild replacement too. 7. Wolff extra power base pin springs provide positive latching to help prevent the possibility of the cylinder pin becoming unlocked. One of the main criticisms F. Denix Colt Navy 1861 Fix: After popular demand from various websites, I have decided to make an The ratchet goes in the second hole on the hammer. Additional barrel lengths and cal-iber options are expected in the future. 45 Colt that I picked up a couple of years ago just so I could say I had a . The Colt Single Action, Single Action Army, S. Read the instructions, warnings and cautions in this manual carefully before using this firearm. Now offering notch repair on Single Action Colt hammers. The trigger is also very good, feels similar to my italian colt SAA clone, but quite a bit lighter. I a matching set of 4 5/8" SS . She shot up 35 rounds and ventilated several cans on her very first outing before her hands started to hurt, as she put it. All parts are copied from original ones and are fitted to our original guns before shipment. Third were several Colt Python's. 00 Gunsmithing. The finish on the left side of the barrel was almost a brownish patina, as the rest was the normal deep colt blue. Co. May 11, 2011 · Colt employee William Mason designed the Single Action Army Revolver for US Ordnance Department trials. Refit back into gun and retime (my welder is great but he's not a gunsmith). It was still in use in contemporary Pocket, Belt and Holster revolvers. 45 Long Colt) with . 00 SAA FIRING PIN COLT 51914 NEW 00 15. Hawes Large Frame Single Action Pistol parts. COLT SINGLE ACTION ARMY HAMMER SCREW, 1ST GENERATION, BLUED, High Quality Replacement Part Manufactu . Caliber: . $1075 All blue version $775. The construction of this pellet gun allows opening loading gate and sliding back the ejection rod, thus dropping out the shells. Mine wears a 5. There is a pic on pg 11 of Kopecs book but the knurling is much finer and professional looking. 41 Long Colt caliber. This conversion is intended for blue guns only. Colt P1656. Full Metal MGC Colt . Many military SAA's were refurbished by Springfield Armory or Colt for reissue with a shorter 5-1/2" barrel, and these are called "Artillery Models" today. Use the menu on the left to view the package you are interested in. Shop our vast selection and save! Est 1957. If the hammer is cocked for COLT TOP STRAP Repair Grinder Single Action Army 1873 - $850. I used my trusty 20 ga. A total of 51,210 Model 1878 revolvers were manufactured from 1878 to 1907, including 4,600 for the US Ordnance Department. These are screws that act as pivot points for the hammer, trigger and cylinder latch. Firearms, Standard Manufacturing, Uberti, Pietta & all other Single Action revolvers. Jan 29, 2014 · Colt Single Action Army Model 1873 Takedown Instructions. @W2MC that is not a real Colt SAA. Colt Python Revolver Cylinder / Endshake Shims. Be sure to add the revolver of your choice. Heat-treated, spring steel, hardened and oversize action parts for rebuilding and accurizing Colt Single Action Army revolvers. I am told that it was probably restored sometime during the 70's or 80's at which time the etched panel and patent dates were re-stamped. Ejector hsg. We make our hand made leather holsters to fit your firearms. LLI Pietta 1873 SA Revolvers. OEM & First Generation Replacment Cylinders. He fitted the gun with percussion revolver lockwork that came to maturity about 1850. 15 This extension screws into the hammer of the Vortek, Pursuit, or Yukon muzzleloader to allow you to pull back the hammer when using a scope. Patience (most important tool) Optional: a small pvc saw to deepen the crevice in the ratchet Revolvers from 1969 – 71 or thereabouts generally have a hammer wheel safety. Fred Rose in Pagosa Springs, Colorado was excellent but I know he's getting up in years. Jan 08, 2016 · Hammer, Trigger & Latch Pivots: These parts are what give the old models the nickname "3 Screw". Single action revolver smooth and tunes for Colt, Ruger, Colt clones Reverse spin, and half cock for Ruger's, Open forcing cones on revolvers, Taylor throating, , bevel cylinder faces and ejector housings like the old colts for faster re-holstering and reblue, change and fit grip frames, open rear sights. Marked & Lettered, Nickel 5 1/2 Single Action Army Revolver, MFD 1880 Antique. Navy converted to cartridge in the 1870’s. The most common Colt mis-time situation is the hammer cocks before the bolt drops into the lock notch. A Colt cylinder, when in full lock, should NOT MOVE AT ALL. Get the rolled end, so if it's the wrong one, a cutoff disc on a Dremel tool will fix that in about two minutes. as to when the bolt leg comes off of the hammer cam, and that part seems to be fine - it's dropping well into the Most clones not listed below should use Colt springs -fitting may be required. No serial on the cylinder. Kopec, author, historian, collector and former President of the Colt Collectors’ Association. How many rank points do you rack up doing that? It isn't a matter of "if" you will need it, but rather "when" you will need it. All I did was furnish the . COLT SAA HAMMER - 1ST GEN This is a hammer for the iconic Colt Single Action Army. The SliX-Shotgun Beads are newly designed and developed to replace your shotgun's sight with a l. Your parts are always considered for trade in the final cost of any project. 45 Colt single action. Outwardly, the Model 1877 shows a striking resemblance to the Colt Single Action Army revolver, however it is scaled down slightly and much thinner in dimension. If you have an aging or well-used Colt double-action firearm The checkering with border on the hammer spur and “original”-look barrel marks paint an image of a contemporary gun made to look “classic. The open top design offers a swift draw and presentation, while detailed molding provides secure retention. 9. If you do not intend to fire immediately, activate the safety. Marine Corps. 22 Long Rifle. Revolvers Colt 1878 Double Action . 44 Special barrel that I bought at the Yuma show for $80. So the firing pin and bolt stop would not prevent the hammer from being cocked after firing a cartridge. 1874) of the Single Action Army’s production. SAFE 5. This spring is a best quality tapered mainspring being an accurate copy from an original. hammer while the original Colt SAA cannot. Jan 25, 2013 · Colt New Frontier SAA repair Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by buildit, Jan 25, 2013. In any case, check with them first no matter when it was made, just in case. Colt's Manufacturing Company - firearms, handguns, pistols, rifles, revolvers. Glenn Custom Complete Gunsmithing Service operates a full-service gunsmith facility. 75". He bored the . The Colt Peacemaker . One chipped at the inside toe, with inletted nut and screw. 45 Colt, Color Case Hardened & Blue) in February 2014 with serial number S73549A. The rearing Colt with broken spear logo appears in an oval border at the top on both grips. The grip screw is included and brass escutcheons are imbedded in each panel and secure both halves easily. 45 SAA Cavalry. A small chamber, but enough for at least 2 cylinders. (so much more real than a Denix :) ) Usual MGC SAA action, can be cocked ( 3 position, safety, half cock for loading and full cock) and fired. ". This has been referred to as the “bank vault lockup”, and is what made the Colt DA revolvers famous. Dave Lanara Restoration. Open the loading gate and load one chamber; 3. Shipping may be higher than stated as shippers raise their prices twice year without notice! The Uberti cylinder pin is a "two-stage" pin. Colt SAA hammer rebuild. Colt Second Generation S. I also found that the trigger would not return after being pulled back either in double or single action. If you do not see your desired modification listed on the menu on the left, please feel free to contact Frank via phone or email and let Frank know what your needs are. Here you will find a listing of all the pistols we reproduce parts for. " Ainsworth Inspected in "Prime Custer SN# Range" w/ Kopec Letter This is an early "U. 1. The hammer has very narrow Colt Single Action Army Revolver; Serial No. 41 rim-fire house Pistol also known as the COLT CLOVER LEAF pistol. Aug 25, 2017 · The firing pin lies in a hole in the hammer. 44-40 tomorrow. A scarce Colt 4 shot . Uberti will flex the quality of fit and finish slightly for an importer, depending on what price point they want to sell at. The grips are so worn down they are almost slick. Uberti 1873 Cattleman SAA and Target. I bought two pairs of stag grips for my Colt SAA many years ago from Eagle Grips for $70. Original hammers are like hens teeth Buy COLT SAA Single Action Army Hammer w/ Firing pin: GunBroker is the largest seller of Collectible Gun Parts & Accessories Collectible Firearms All The Colt Single Action Army (Colt SAA) Colt . The hammer has very narrow Click Here. Artillery Model, U. We manufacture all reproduction parts, both walnut and steel in house on our machinery. You'd have to compare the top of the line to the slightly lesser quality guns to detect the difference. 45 is a single-action revolver with a revolving cylinder holding six metallic cartridges. The personality of the gun comes to life when it’s cocked, and your thumb will find this small detail again and again. This is an early "U. “Five beans in the wheel” consists of five easy steps: 1. Like the Colt SAA (or "Peacemaker"), the 1875's hammer is powered by a long flat-spring inside the grip frame. 45 Colt. Perhaps he can line you up with someone. Seller: Harry Viezens. 52 AMERICAN RIFLEMAN • March 1999 Aimed at the Cowboy Action competitor, Colt collector and casual shooter,Colt’s new Cowboy revolver is available only in. The bolt must drop into the actual lock notch before or just as the hammer reaches full cock. It is locally machinist manufactured. 1851 Navy 1851 Navy London 1851 Navy (Modern production) 1860 Army 1861 Navy Colt Walker Fluck Pre 1st Model Dragoon Dragoon Dragoon Hartford-English Model Ehlers Revolvers Frontier Scout and Peacemaker . Revolver Parts: Sub-Categories: Colt Walker: Colt 1851 Navy: Colt 1855 Root: Colt 1860 Army: Colt 1861 Navy: Colt 1862 Navy Pocket: Colt Single Action Army: Colt Python Rifles Shotguns Ruger 10-22 Remington XP-100 Grip Reduction Miscellaneous . My nickel Umarex Colt SAA arrived by FedEx this morning from Pyramyd Air, Solon, Ohio. 22 revolvers. Continuing with the double action cycling, the hand still pushed the cylinder up but the cylinder bolt would not lock into the cylinder lock notches as the hammer would fall. Up for bid is a fine vintage pair of original“Pre-War” 1 st Generation) Colt Single Action Army(SAA) Grips in genuine hard rubber. The Bisley model was introduced in the 1890's, and featured a redesigned grip and hammer. ” The single-action Army was most widely produced with a color case-hardened frame and blued barrel. I also bought 12 extra cartridges so now I have 18 of them. To help celebrate Pietta's 50 years of success and Cabela's long partnership in excellence with Pietta, we're offering special versions At some later date, Colt changed the firing pins to a scalloped shape. 41 in both versions was a popular caliber, but in its later version, the Long Colt, it earned its reputation as a fight stopper. If you have a dual cylinder revolver learn to allow for COLT TOP STRAP Repair Grinder Single Action Army 1873 - $850. The fitting was perfect, and I would definitely consider buying from them again. He may have a correct era replacement hammer available or simply rework your hammer if it's the correct one. Return your hammer to proper functionality. 5" 6 Black Com. Our website provides everything you need to know about our products and services. The barrel has the one-line Hartford address on top and "45 COLT" on the left side. This is called the mainspring or hammer spring. Colt-style half-cock hammers for Ruger Vaquero's and Ruger Single Six revolvers. 22 Revolvers By Chuck Hawks Illustration courtesy of Colt's Mfg. Starting in 1999, Colt began manufacturing a version of the Single Action Army revolver with a modern transfer bar safety, allowing it to be carried with the hammer resting on a loaded chamber. Practice firing on a range before going hunting or using your revolver for any other type of shooting. A cross pin (middle arrow) retains the pin in the hammer, but not rigidly. Skip the next chamber; 4. The trigger pull is crisp. Hawes Small Frame Single action Pistol parts. Continue to pull the hammer back and both watch and listen for the bolt to drop into the cylinder lock notch. With almost 50 years of experience producing the finest airguns available, we understand the value behind German engineering and quality down to the minutest detail. The head of the right hammer screw had been snapped off, leaving the shank in the tumbler, the screw slots have had the obligatory damage inflicted upon them and the safety allowed the right lock to fire when applied. This Colt 1st generation “Cavalry” Single Action Army looks just as it did the day it left the Colt armory in 1874! This revolver was originally built as part of the U. CO18B-A204 The trigger pull is crisp. @amish869 I have been looking into the Standard SA, and I have reached out to the company. 9mm Luger Conversion Unit for Colt Series 80 Semi Automatic Pistols Manuals. It was designed for the U. Timing is perfect with the bolt droping into the lead and not onto the cylinder and if anything the new hand is just a RCH long as the cylinder locks just a whisker before the hammer and trigger enter the full notch. In most states you can send the gun to the manufacturer for repair or refinish and have it returned directly to you without going the FFL route. Colt Woodsman Automatic Pistol Match Target Heavy Barrel Cal. 45 Colt lockup problem Registered Users do not see the above ad. 45 5,5“ Colt - Full Review and shooting - Duration: 20:14. Sorry, we are  Don't replace your original hammer. Parts are available to the public for self installation, but can also be installed by our highly trained gunsmiths. Colt Woodsman Automatic Pistol Caliber . Jun 23, 2011 · Question Re: Fitting Cylinder Bolt - UPDATED. Umarex Colt Single Action Army 45 Air Pistol Designed as a replica of the Colt® Single Action Army revolver, this Umarex® CO2 air pistol has the look and feel of the real thing. All dimensions are correct and the surface finish has a charcoal blued finish identical to the replacement springs which were supplied in Colt Navy cased sets. The Colt Cowboy, as it was named, was designed to be more affordable than the Single Action Army. This is a nice looking revolver that has retained 80-85% of the original nickel, wit Jul 21, 2019 · Most any SAA handspring will work. 45LC; during sessions to get familiar with the operation of the revolver, I slowly cocked the handgun from hammer all the way forward and heard the distinctive 4 clicks (or C-O-L-T) and saw the trigger go forward and back and forward again I recorded a new production Colt SAA (4-3/4 inch Barrel, . . We do not make parts for repro guns or guns not listed on this site. Army’s First Purchase Contract for 8,000 Colt SAA revolvers (serial # 177 – 8652). Mike's Gun Repair. We have been in business 10 years repairing handguns, rifles and shotguns. Originally . 00 See our Gun Work page for contact information Main Page & Gun Work Weld and recut broken hammer notches, one or all three notches. There is no danger of accidental firing. The revolver is accompanied by a letter of authentication from John A. We have a fabulous new Colt SAA available for sale from Nutmeg Sports, LLC! This is a 4 3/4" . A longer barrel will usually yield higher velocity. Our Assessment: This is a beautiful Colt “Armory Edition” 3rd Gen. See the pictures for details, and if you want any measurements please let me know. SAA HAND SPRING NEW 00 5. ) Two rather small screwdrivers (ones that would fit snug in the holes) A screwdriver for the actual screws. A patch of velcro is added at the bottom to offer additional stability and security. Contact Dave at 330-952-0031 for single action work, contact Sal at 440-526-7265 for double action work. Browse a huge inventory of Colt firearms for sale at Cabela's, including the legendary Colt . Insert BBs into the loading shells. Model P Single Action Army Model Revolvers and Colt pattern replica S. So, the gun was out of time. repair colt SAA hammer If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. The Colt M45 with blowback is a variation of the gun used by the U. For a replica of the original Colt SAA, the Uberti replicas are the best quality. No hammer mounted firing pin, completely different internals. Single Action Presentation Cases. The loading notch, halfway between the half cock and the full cock, does allow the cylinder to rotate. COLT SINGLE ACTION ARMY BASE PIN SCREW, BLACKPOWDER, 1ST COLT SINGLE ACTION ARMY HAMMER ROLLER PIN, 1ST GENERATION, High   Find Colt Single Action Army revolver parts and schematics today with Numrich Gun Parts. Cylinder & Slide Custom Handguns for immediate sale. 1873 to Nov. 00 SAA BASE PIN RETAINER ASSEMBLY BLUE COLT NEW 0 10. From the serial number data I have it appears that recent annual production quantities are in the range of 2,700 revolvers annually (225 per calendar month) for the years 2011, 2012 & 2013. Ofcourse more co2 in the bottle doesn't mean you'll get more fps. Colt Official Police Revolver Colt Officer's Model Revolver Cylinder / Endshake Shims Our Shims will fit the Colt Official Police and Colt Officers Model Revolver Fits many "E" Frame Revolvers Also known to fit Colt New Army and Navy Pythons up to the early 1970's 1969 and prior (pre-MK III) Troopers Without her support and encouragement, I never would have achieved so much in the SAA Colt world. Jul 14, 2017 · I checked the bolt stop, it functions like a Colt, after firing, if the hammer is pulled, the bolt stop retracts. B ase pin springs are used on Colt, Uberti and many clones. Most of these guns had the barrels shortened to 5½”. 10 fingers and thumbs. The barrel has been crudely chopped of at about 6 or so inches and filed around the muzzle, I assume to remove the burrs from the cutting Fixing a Colt SAA hammer isn't quite that simple. Replace an early $50; Weld and recut broken hammer notches, one or all three notches. to ship it both ways and get a quote for how much they will charge me to fix this gun. Pull the trigger and hold it in. Joe It was long-about then that the 2-position pin appererd, the metals got better, the hand spring was changed to a coil, the sizing first matched the Colt SAA, and the fitting got real good. The current price for a blue and casecolor restoration, minus extra parts or other services, is $1800 standard frame, 2200 Bisley frame Add $100 for antique nickel finish. The Colt SAA has three notches. Pistols. Hammer has darker blue color and is clean. Trigger and hammer sear angles are set for a crisp trigger release. Usually a SAA hammer can be rebuilt for under $100 depending on damage. 00 each! I was charged $35 to custom fit them. Item Number: The box is sound with no repairs. This one is in . Colt P1840 Single Action Army Peacemaker Single 45 Colt (LC) 4. Cavalry troopers were armed with the new revolvers. The screwdriver bits will help prevent me from buggering up the screw heads when disassembling and reassembling the guns, and the reduced power springs will lighten the action and trigger pull. The hammer pull is also much lighter than the real thing. We offer the best pricing on the best available weapons, that is why we only offer Colt. 1911, Browning Hi Power, Para-Ordnance, Walther, Ruger, Kahr, Springfield. LLI Pietta 1873 SA Revolvers are faithful re-creations of the venerable 1873 Colt® Single-Action Army revolvers, also known as Peacemakers or simply Colt 45s. Description Uberti HARDENED Complete Screw Set (1873 Cattleman All Styles) - TG Screw, 5x BS Screw, Sear Screw, Mainspring Screw, Hammer Screw,Trigger Screw, Bolt Screw, Gate Catch Screw, Base Pin Catch Assembly,Ejector Housing Screw, Hand Spring Screw Check Stock. The old Single Action Army had a long life on the frontier, and an even longer life in Hollywood. Wikipedia: “The OWA Colt refers to the earliest issued Single Action Army guns which were inspected by Orville W. 00. The Colt Python is a BB revolver-style pistol that allows you to maintain skill without the high cost of ammunition. Smoothing the Action. from precision made components and the best materials obtainable. etched panel 44/40 Colt Single Action Army Frontier Six Shooter Revolver made in 1887. 45; Nickel Plated (not original); Later 44-40 Barrel; 3 ¼” Long; Has welded repair around cylinder pin screw; 2ndgen hammer; fair action; Strong but pitted Bore; Real Pearl Grips with Carved Steer Head (glued to gun and repaired); I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND SHOOTING THIS ONE Without taking to a good gunsmith first; 135 Year-Old Colt SAA; antique, no FFL/C&R Midwest Gun Works is proud to offer a wide variety of firearm parts from Colt. Home Shop View Basket Checkout Contact Login. The . Colt Single Action Army Revolver Cylinder / Endshake Shims Our Shims will fit the Colt SAA Fits First and Second Generation Colt SAA and Authentic Reproductions only. 45 caliber Revolver Colt New Army & New Navy . Sep 06, 2011 · Colt SAA to restore or not to restore I am picking up a Colt SAA in . Classic Single Action offers new firearms, custom grips and gunsmith work for single action firearms of all makes and models. Colt SAA have 4 different hammer positions, and that one of them was regarded as a form of "saftey" where the first click when you pull the hammer back before half cock, and half cock being the second hammer position back. The damaged cam is usually caused by being soft iself and the leg of the bolt that rides on it being to hard. Multiple calibers and barrel lengths/finishes are available. Some of the copies used a straight end with a curve in it, and some used a Colt clone with the rolled end. They are made from solid cherrywood and are beautifully finished. Frank has built custom guns for some of the top shooters in the world, including Brian Enos, Bill Wilson, Rob Leatham, Mike Plaxco, and Mike Dalton. Lawmen and outlaws alike were quick to adopt the handy new 6-shooter which earned the nickname “Peacemaker. Like many old guns, this one has suffered at the hands of one or more bodgers in the past. OEM (Original Equipment Manufactured for Colt single actions. New custom manufactured springs are installed and the firearm is test fired. The Colt M1878 is a double-action revolver that was manufactured by Colt's Manufacturing Company from 1878 to 1907. Colt law enforcement distributor for the firearms manufacturer known for its 1911 pistols and AR15/M16/M4 rifles used by police and military forces around the world. Pull the hammer all the way back and hold it in this position. Gun Digest referred to it as "the worst double-action trigger mechanism ever made". 45 Colt (. Single Action Bolt (1873 SAA ASM, Pietta GWII, Colt 1st Gen, Colt 2nd Gen) 24 Nov 2010 I want to build a model circa 1873 Colt Peacemaker but am having no luck in finding . Between 1895 and 1903, the government had nearly 17,000 of its SAAs reconditioned and rebuilt by the Springfield Armory and the Colt factory. Samuel Colt passed away in 1862 at the age of forty seven and there would not be a Colt double action revolver until 1877 with the creation of the small frame Colt double action and 1878 with the introduction of the large frame double action revolver. All are slightly oversize to allow precise fitting. The Colt Defender features an all-metal construction and a spring-powered grip release that makes it easy to operate. 00 SAA HAND W/SPRING VG 00 15. She's an excellnt shot as well, having been "broken in" with a second gen 44 Special. The top of the barrel is marked “Colt’s Pt. Dec 16, 2018 · The only Colt that was in need of repair was a 1911 many years ago. with a 51⁄ 2" barrel and blue finish. Send him some pics of what you have and discuss what you need. On Jagers, this is an odd "twist" base pin rather than the “Swiss” two notch pin that became common on Italian SAA replicas. You might want to contact our fellow member, Jim Martin, and have him rework the action. The Model 1877 has a three-position hammer featuring a so-called “safe” position, a half-cock or loading notch, and a full-cock position. This is a newly designed and developed top lever spring especially for those officiadoes in the. colt 1860 revolver tuning, hand fitting a cylinder on a single action revolver, how to time a saa revolver, how to tune a colt single action revolver, revolver tuning, saa timing, tuning single action revolver COLT SINGLE ACTION ARMY 45 . 250mm x 200mm internal size. ” Nevertheless, a educated eye can simply spot an genuine unique. SAA. Designed for the back flap of the holster to slide behind your pants belt, and stays tight against your waist and hip by the pressure of the belt. Gun is well-marked with Colt New Line 2nd Model Revolver Description: Serial #15014, . Colt SAA hammers . , Inc. They can weld and reshape just one notch if that's all that is necessary. These are current inventory. And, last, the trigger, at the bottom, was cut down so sharply, that if you gave it a spin on the finger, The controls of this Umarex Colt Peacemaker Air Gun are very reliable. The oldest of these is the Colt system, used in such models as the Model 1917, Police Positive, Python and Diamondback. I have a bunch of 200 year old black walnut that should dress it up nicely. Jun 17, 2016 · More than 140 years after the Colt SAA was invented, Uberti decided it was high time to change the rules and engineered a solution to the historic problem of having to “safely” carry a Single Action with the hammer resting on an empty chamber. Bring the hammer to half cock; 2. 5 Mar 2019 Colt SAA hammers . ) If you have a first or second generation Colt needing a new cylinder for restoration to original Colt specs or a caliber change I have new cylinders available in just about any caliber Colt made including 45 Colt, 44 WCF (44-40), Colt New Frontier. Marked Colt Single Action Army Revolver that is Ainsworth-inspected and was part of Lot Number Five that shipped to the United States government in 1874. New England Firearms rifled Any of my search term words; All of my search term words; Find results in Content titles and body; Content titles only Search for over 90 million sold items in our price database. I have a Uberti SAA clone in . Make the repro frame as if you were making a repair part using the original frame In another thread a guy wanted help with a hammer. The Remington 1875 action clicks four times as you cock the hammer, like a Colt SAA. Trigger Sears rebuilt and hand honed (case-hardened)call for pricing NOTE: Kindly allow $15. TheNewFrontier SingleActionArmy(NFSAA)and someSheriff's Modelrevolvers arefunctionally identical totheSingle ActionArmyexceptthattheNFSAA hasarampstylefrontsightand adjustable rearsight,whiletheSheriff's Modelhasnoejector rodand special issueshavedualcylinders. Sep 18, 2012 · Colt’s Model 1877 Double-Action revolver was a very popular, albeit easily broken revolver. MainSprings - Pak of 1 32280 COLT SNGL ACTION REVOLVER RP MAINSPRING Pak of 1 - $15. plated colt single action hammer first gen with firing pin. A replacement usually runs in the $200+ area. Both cylinders are marked with the serial number of the revolver. 110952; Made 1884; All Numbers Match; this is a put together gun in 44-40 cal. We offer gunsmith services for those who wish to send their gun in for evaluation and/or repair. ” Oct 18, 2019 · The later ones did away with the hammer safety and went to the base pin safety. Just buy what you are comfortable with, are willing to shoot lots and that you can afford. 38 Special With Box 1956 Production. The revolver itself feels very good in hand, especially the grip which I think is a bit longer than for the real powderburner. Uberti SAA / Hawes Also fits Third Generation with Removable Bushing Will Not Work with Non-Removable In 1873, Colt’s single-action Army (SAA) revolver became the Army’s standard sidearm. The butt forward cant allows effective concealment of even a large defensive pistol. All dimensions are correct and the surface finish has a charcoal blued finish identical to the replacement springs which were supplied in Colt Umarex USA is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of airguns, pistols, rifles, and more. COLT SAA and clone repair a/o modification prices. Many Single Action Revolver Parts, Bob's Gun Shop, Hawes Single Action Pistol parts. I recently got an Uberti Cattleman clone of 1873 Colt SAA in . 45 SINGLE ACTION ARMY REPAIR A gun that does not work properly is dangerous. I also checked the action, as the hammer is pulled back the firing pin retracts before the pawl engages the cylinder ratchet. 45's and they are well built enough that I wouldn't hesitate shooting regular or hot reloads in them. Best of all, the Umarex Single Action Army 45 air gun operates the same as the Colt single-action revolver: the hammer is put on half-cock, the loading gate is opened, and each cartridge/pellet is loaded one at a time. 75" 6 Black Composite Double Eagle Blued. When it is shoved into the frame so that it locks in the front groove, a length of the pin protrudes through the frame preventing the hammer from falling all the way and thus keeping the gun from firing. Jun 07, 2010 · Colt Single Action Revolver Disassembly When you think of a single-action revolver, this is probably what you picture. From Python, Python Hunter, 10 Pointer, Anaconda, Diamondback, King Cobra, Boa, to the earlier Detective Special, Trooper, Official Police and Officers Special. The gun is decocked. For left or right hand shooters, OEM replacement hammmer for the rifles listed above. Revolver not included. Mar 17, 2016 · Repairs to a Mortimer & Son Hammer Gun Here is a sleek Mortimer hammer double from the 1880s with an unusual safety. Load four more chambers; and 5. And of course you never rest the hammer on a live round for reasons that involve shooting yourself if you bump the hammer. Refit back into   original used, Broken half-cock notch, no firing pin, needs repair Some parts may need additional fitting to accommodate wear in old firearms. The inside of the box shows scuffing from the hammer tip. The Colt Cowboy. Trooper Mark V. These defects would not have been encountered with Colt type forgings. 45, other Colt pistols, Colt revolvers, Colt rifles and more. PREMIUM FIREARM PRESENTATION CASE These premium quality presentation cases are crafted to display and protect your Great Western II or Colt Single Action Army firearm. He knows what it takes to build a reliable and accurate gun. A single V-shaped spring is used in these revolvers. I was posting to see if anyone has done or seen this repair done as I  Parts and Service for the Colt Single Action Army Revolver- Edward Janis, colt single Specialists focus on quality colt single action service and repair. Jul 04, 2010 · The gas is housed in grip. And, last, the trigger, at the bottom, was cut down so sharply, that if you gave it a spin on the finger, If you're getting off-center primer hits, it's time for repair. Choose from a custom cut fit for the traditional Colt Style SAA 5 1/2" or the Alchimista II or III 5 1/2" with the lower hammer and 1860 Army Grip. Sep 24, 2010 · Typically, when loading and unloading a traditional Colt-style single action, the hammer is brought to half cock, which frees the cylinder and allows it to rotate clockwise, thus bringing each of the chambers in line with the open loading gate. Checkering the hammer spur and color case hardening it to match the frame seems minor, but it’s not. 5. Colt Phyton. Manufactured in 1856 as a Percussion revolver on contract with the U. has number on bottom 984 needs the notches repairedhard to fing these early hammers, thanks for looking ,bbruce Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Terry Theis of Harper, Texas , a member of the American Engravers Guild, artfully engraved this fine old Colt with 60% Colt factory style engraving of the period. Unloading the Weapon. 110" wide partridge style fixed blade sight of proper height standard. They are made to perfectly fit your single action pistol. They treated me right with that repair. 410 shot shell adapter. The package is an average looking cardboard box, nothing to write home about. Gunsmithing Full Service Gunsmithing Offered Following is a brief list of gunsmithing services offered with an emphasis on custom action work, repairs and competition tuning to Cowboy Action firearms including single action revolvers, lever action rifles and shotguns of all types. If you lost the odd-sized screw that joined the grips of your old Colt Frontier, you then tap the bare straps of the grip frame with a plastic hammer or wooden . 45 Colt SAA 2nd Generation Cosmetic and Timing Tune-up. The Colt Single Action Army's mainspring may be narrowed by grinding, if desired, or weakened by placing a leather pad under it. 00 32285 UBERTI REGULATOR REVOLVER RP MAINSPRING Pak of 1 - $15. Rust damage was removed from the cylinder a small spot weld had to be repaired, the original hammer and trigger were welded and re-cut to allow perfect timing and lockup, a new black powder style base pin was installed; and all screws and the base pin were fire blued. 41 double action revolver Colt New Service revolver Colt 1877 Lightning revolver Colt D frame revolvers, Detective Special, Diamondback, Agent, Cobra, Police Positive, Viper Colt E & I frame revolvers, Python, Colt Single Action Revolvers top. And more to the point…since this has been done by other armsmakers for years using floating firing pins in the frame and transfer bars…to accomplish this feat without compromising the original Colt design by using a clumsy hammer safety or Tradititons Hammer Extension Spur. There is a picture of this type hammer knurling on Colt SAA sn 111 (1873) on page 10 of A STUDY OF THE COLT SINGLE ACTION ARMY REVOLVER by Graham, Kopec & Moore. Shop our vast selection and save! COLT SINGLE ACTION TRIGGER SEARS REBUILD. These instructions apply to Colt SAA revolvers, and generally to Italian-made Colt-type copies and clones. 38 Special Official Police, and . Parts and Service for the Colt Single Action Army Revolver- Edward Janis, colt single action, peacemaker, single action army, colt, colt single action, colt pistol, colt revolver, colt gun, Peacemaker Specialists focus on quality colt single action service and repair. The Combat Master has an open muzzle and fits belts up to 1. I made a short video of my latest acquisition, Short Lane . Like the originals, open the loading gate, and bring the hammer to half cock to turn the cylinder for loading and unloading. colt saa hammer repair

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